Teyana Taylor Shares the Wellness Practices That Make Her Feel Her Best

Creative work, R&B in the shower, and a mindful but relaxed beauty routine keep the powerhouse singer, dancer, and mom feeling her very best.


Dealing with critiques for not conforming to conventional beauty standards, Teyana Taylor emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself. She states, "Authentic beauty originates from within you."

While Taylor prefers to maintain a natural look unless attending a formal event, she doesn't underestimate the value of skin care. Being a mother of two, her daily shower is more than just a routine; it's a treasured moment of solitude. "I stash all my beauty and self-care products in the bathroom, knowing it's the only solitary time I have," says Taylor. "While listening to calming music like Erykah Badu or Sade, I wash my hair and body, apply a DIY body scrub, and even brush my teeth. I make sure to take it slow because as soon as I leave the shower, it's back to my role as mom."

One product that always makes it to her shower is the Olay Rinse-Off Body Conditioner with Retinol (Buy It, $6, walmart.com). "It works wonders on my skin," she remarks.


Ensuring her skin is moisturized sets the tone for Teyana Taylor's day. The 30-year-old star admits that neglecting this part of her routine can disrupt her energy, as she finds the sensation of her skin drying uncomfortable. Taylor has developed a personal blend for skin hydration using ingredients like olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil and essential oils.

Meditation also plays an enormous role in Taylor’s life. She practices it regularly—during her pregnancies, postpartum, and in general preparation for the tasks ahead. Even infrequent sessions, such as once or twice a week, have proven beneficial. Meditation has become such an integral part of her household that even her 5-year-old daughter looks forward to their meditation sessions.

Besides meditation, Taylor finds relaxation through her passion for directing. Collaborating with others behind the lens offers her a unique form of tranquility that contributes to her overall self-care regimen.

Olay Rinse-Off Body Conditioner with Retinol

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