Cardi B Defended Lizzo After the Singer Broke Down On Instagram Over 'Racist' Trolls

Cardi B rushed to Lizzo's defense after the "Rumors" singer cried on an Instagram Live over "hateful" comments she received.

Lizzo and Cardi B, who recently collaborated on the song "Rumors," have demonstrated that they support each other not only professionally but also personally, particularly in response to online harassment. Lizzo was moved to tears during an Instagram Live session on Sunday as she discussed the cruel comments she's received since the release of their new track. "Generally, I'm not bothered by people's harsh words about me, I don't mind," Lizzo shared on Instagram Live. "However, when I'm putting so much effort into my work, my threshold for such remarks reduces, I become more sensitive, and it affects me." While the visibly upset Lizzo did not highlight specific comments, she indicated that some were "racist," "fatphobic," and "hurtful." "It's strange how I'm witnessing negativity aimed at me. People are making nonsensical negative statements about me," expressed the Grammy-winning artist. "If 'Rumors' isn't your style, that's fine. But many people dislike me simply because of my appearance... At the moment, I feel overwhelmed." Lizzo further added that her music is meant to "help people." "I don't create music for any specific group of people. As a black woman, my music is essentially black music. I'm catering to no one but myself. Everyone is welcome to enjoy a Lizzo performance, a Lizzo song, or this positive energy," she stated. Cardi echoed Lizzo's sentiments and re-posted her emotional video on Twitter, saying, "When you defend yourself, they label you as problematic and touchy. If you don't, they rip you to shreds until you break down like this. Regardless of whether you're skinny, large, or plastic, they'll always attempt to project their insecurities onto you. Always remember, these are just geeks trying to fit in with the popular crowd."

"Cardi B has lent her support to Lizzo, following the latter's emotional Instagram post about racist comments. In a follow-up tweet on Sunday, Cardi asserted that the song 'Rumors' is performing well and called out individuals who are trying to downplay its success, in an attempt to belittle the struggles women face with online bullying. In response, Lizzo expressed her gratitude towards Cardi on Twitter. She wrote, "Thank you @iamcardib — you epitomize the true spirit of standing up for all people. Your kindness is overwhelming." Cardi wasn't the only one who extended their solidarity towards Lizzo. Bella Poarch, a renowned singer, and Jameela Jamil, a celebrated actress, also posted supportive messages on social media platforms. Poarch tweeted, "It's disheartening to see that society and the internet can unite to try and pull down individuals, particularly those who are positive influencers and role models. This aspect of the world saddens me. We often fail to value greatness until it disappears.""

Jamil, an ardent body positivity supporter, expressed her viewpoint: "Lizzo creates a melody about the negative energy people use to demean women. Social media platforms explode with derogatory comments on her talent and more so on her looks. When she communicates the harmful repercussions of this societal behavior through her emotional Instagram live sessions, she is mocked for her tears. This scenario is deeply disturbing.""When there's a song I don't fancy, I just… AVOID LISTENING TO IT AGAIN. When there's a person I can't stand, I BLOCK THEIR NAME. It's as simple as that. Cease broadcasting globally your unfulfilled life and lack of empathy by making these critiques so personal because not everything is meant for YOU," Jamil added in another post on Sunday.Lizzo was also uplifted with heartfelt words from the legendary rapper-producer Missy Elliott, which she shared Sunday on her Instagram Story. "Once in several decades, there comes someone who breaks the conventional patterns," wrote Elliott. "And you are one of those rare individuals. Continue to sparkle and be blessed on your upcoming journey."Undeterred by the backlash, Lizzo remains positive and is inspiring other women to do the same. "To love yourself in a world that does not reciprocate the affection requires immense self-understanding and a discerning eye to see through the skewed societal norms...," she tweeted Sunday. "If you managed to appreciate yourself today, I'm proud of you. Even if you didn't, I still feel proud of you. This struggle is real."

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